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Pongal 2-Books Bundle

This bilingual Tamil children's book bundle is part of a series of 4 books based on the 4 days of Pongal. The Pongal 2-Books Bundle includes Book 1 - The story of Bogi and Book 2 - The story of Thai Pongal.

Thank you for this good Initiative. Its really helpful for my baby to learn about our festivals and tamil Culture. Books are very attractive too with colorful pictures. Its Very important to have a book like this. Looking forward.


Let me begin by saying that this book deserves a 5 star rating and kudos to the team for thinking upon such a book that depicts the importance of Tamil language and its culture amongst children. Being a parent staying away from my home country, yet trying to instil the importance of my mother tongue - Tamil to my child has always been a challenge and this book is my rescue. The Kelir book is made super easy that every child can read on his / her own. Many children won’t know how to read Tamil by looking at the original scripts but in this book every word is given in English so that it is easy for the children to read by themselves, even the parents who aren’t a native speaker of the language can read it too. Finding such a treasure trove is very very arduous these days and I haven’t found any as such yet! And above everything else, my kid loves to read it almost everyday and she has articulated few words and now she uses them in her conversations at home! As an Indian parent I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning the Tamil language and it’s culture.


I'm so grateful for books that expose my children to the Tamil language and culture in such a vibrant way. The illustrations are engaging and the transliteration is very helpful. We look forward to reading these books for years to come!


I am always looking out for cultural books to expose my children to Different cultures. Our children absolutely love these books! What a great way for them to engage with Tamil. I love that it caters To all levels, whether a person simply wants to have a fun story or they want to really go into depth in the language and learn.