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Book 1:

Dum dum dum Bōgi is about Theo and his family’s take on Bōgi. As Theo and his little siblings are bonding with their appā over a bed time story, appā shares how he used to celebrate Bōgi as a kid and the meaning of Bōgi to curious little ears. This beautiful interracial family living in a different part of the world, go on to reimagine how they can observe the occasion in a heartwarming, creative, and contextual expression of Bōgi. All the while, to the beats of the bōgi drum.

Book 2:

Uluuluulu Pongal follows K and the events of Pongal day in her multicultural home. The story highlights and normalizes all the best parts of the festival: intergenerational family, colorful clothes, kōlam, Pongal pot, sugarcane, banana leaves, Pongal food, friends, large gatherings, and our favorite – kulavai (the sound of ululation)!

4-in-1 Books: Tamil | English Transliteration | English | Audiobook

The full story is repeated twice in these books – first half in Tamil (+English transliterations) followed by English. For bilingual families, this reinforces reading and listening primarily in Tamil and ensures that Tamil does not get usurped by the English language. The Tamil edition also includes English transliteration in small print to assist adults that cannot read or write Tamil. The second half tells the story of Pongal in English so kids can also develop English literacy but through a Tamil worldview and in their cultural lens. Additionally, it promotes the language and culture to non Tamil-speakers and non-Tamils.
A free link to the audiobooks is also provided with every purchase. Simply scan the QR code and enter your details to access the book.

The books contain repetition, rhymes, and rhythms staying true to the art of both written and spoken Tamil. You will find your kids connect and engage with both the words and illustrations while giggling away and ultimately learning and loving their language and culture in the process.

Format: Paperback | 52
Dimensions: 8.5 inches (height) x 9.5 inches (width) | 380gm (per book)
Author: Peniel Prabakaran | Illustration: Erin Dass
Publisher: Kelir Books LLC, USA | 31 December 2021
Printed: Chennai 2021 | December 2021
Book 1 ISBN: 978-1-957450-01-8
Book 2 ISBN: 978-1-957450-00-1
Languages: Tamil, English

7 reviews for Pongal 2-Books Bundle

  1. admin

    Thank You!

  2. Naumann

    I’m so grateful for books that expose my children to the Tamil language and culture in such a vibrant way. The illustrations are engaging and the transliteration is very helpful. We look forward to reading these books for years to come!

  3. Glenn (verified owner)

    I am always looking out for cultural books to expose my children to Different cultures. Our children absolutely love these books! What a great way for them to engage with Tamil. I love that it caters To all levels, whether a person simply wants to have a fun story or they want to really go into depth in the language and learn.

  4. Vinisha

    Thank you for this good Initiative. Its really helpful for my baby to learn about our festivals and tamil Culture. Books are very attractive too with colorful pictures. Its Very important to have a book like this. Looking forward.

  5. Vinisha

    Thank you for this good Initiative. Its really helpful for my baby to learn about our festivals and tamil Culture. Books are very attractive too with colorful pictures. Its Very important to have a book like this. Looking forward.

  6. Niyomy

    Both Ulu Ulu Ulu Pongal and Bogi are engaging, colourful and engrossing books written by our very own and talented Peniel Prabakaran. Perfect books to read and enjoy with your children. Great books for them to practice pronouncing Tamil words. My daughter, Kaitlyn loves reading these books with me, and I feel proud to teach my daughter our Tamil culture and traditions. These books also have fun colouring activities which keeps my daughter engaged and captivated throughout. These books also have English translation which is a bonus. Tamil reading tips and guidelines are helpful when pronouncing certain words and non-native Tamil speakers can make real good use of these guidlines.

    Ulu Ulu Ulu Pongal meaning festival of harvest portrays how Pongal festival is celebrated by Tamils all over the world. Cooking Pongal in a new pot under the sun, wearing new dresses, cleaning, and decorating houses, putting colourful kolams, shouting “Pongalo Pongal” when the milk boils and overflows are all beautifully illustrated in this book. Graphics were beautifully done, and it is very creative and advanced. I am very proud of Peni for doing such an amazing job with this book. We don’t get to see all these Tamil festivals and traditions often when living in the western world, but I am glad I can find amazing books like these which beautifully showcase our culture. Thanks to Kelir books for this creation.

    When I read “Bogi” book to my daughter, she took her toy drum and started saying “dum dum dum dumdamakku dandanakka”. She absolutely loves this book, and she was very engaged and excited while I was reading this book. Once again Peni and her team did an excellent job explaining the reason behind Bogi celebration.

    Thank you for these two amazing books and I am looking forward to many more of your creations.

  7. Hiral Patel (verified owner)

    First of all, We love reading these books to our son Ethan. I’m also learning how to pronounce properly with the cheat sheet given in the beginning of the book and the audio code that was provided with the book 🙂
    It is important for me to teach Ethan Gujarati and Tamil both. While I talk to him in Gujarati, my tamil is not great so books are the easiest way to introduce Tamil culture to him.

    These books help us fill in the cultural gap so we can teach him Tamizh festivals with proper stories and meaning behind them.

    We Did not find much bilingual books in Tamil like these which have English wordings as well. Some were available but meant for older kids. I love how these can be used for infants to toddlers all age.

    So far he enjoys listening to these stories. And have become part of his bedtime routine.

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